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Have you ever looked at the label on your kid’s toothpaste (or yours)?  Many are filled with toxic chemicals

Dr. Mercola talks about 7 Toxic Toothpaste Ingredients
1.     Triclosan
2.     Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
3.     Artificial Sweeteners
4.     Fluoride
5.     Propylene Glycol
6.     Diethanolamine (DEA)
7.     Microbeads

I'd like to add…

Blue and red dyes (you didn’t think there were real blueberries or strawberries in there, did you? ~ linked with many health problems like headaches, ADHD, asthma attacks, nausea & more…oh, and it’s a synthesized petroleum based product (eww!!)

~ which effect the endocrine system, disrupt hormones, and are even linked to cancer!

So thankful we offer a safe, clean and effective alternative (and it's yummy orange flavor comes from essential oils!)

Kid's Toothpaste (Item #: 43040)



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