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Almonds are one of the most heart-healthy foods on the market, packed with vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. Whether you are eating them by themselves, using almond milk, pasta, flour, butter, oil or meal, almonds offer a delicious flavor along with many health benefits.  

organic sweet almond oil
Not only are almonds great to eat, but our cold-pressed oil is rich in oils and fatty acids, which provide several benefits for the skin. According to the "Physicians' Desk Reference for Herbal Medicines," sweet almonds contain up to 77% oleic acid, a form of omega-9 fatty acid. In addition to being a moisturizer, it is also an emollient providing softness for skin. It acts as a humectant to help prevent the loss of moisture. The oil is also reputed to relieve dry, flaking and itchy skin due to eczema, psoriasis and rashes. Sweet almond oil is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It's also suitable for all skin types.

Our Organic Sweet Almond Oil can be found in these products:
🌿 Deep Conditioner
🌿 Spearmint Lip Balm
🌿 Tinted Lip Balms
🌿 Cheeky Color Sticks
🌿 Cheeky Bronzer


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