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Lavender is one of the most beloved of nature’s fragrances and its essential oil is among the most versatile, blending well with many other essential oils.  

Here are just a few of the benefits:
🌿 calming, reduces anxiety & emotional stress
🌿 helps heal burns, cuts, wounds
🌿 improves sleep
🌿 reduces inflammation
🌿 prevents scarring
🌿 improves eczema & psoriasis
🌿 cuts down on localized pain
🌿 helps when fighting acne & problem skin
🌿 helps w/ itching & swelling from insect bites
🌿 relieve tension in sore muscles
🌿 slows aging with powerful antioxidants

We usually diffuse our Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil most nights, but for a change we recently switched to our Tranquility Blend.  Both help relax & calm body and mind, as well as aiding in more restful sleep.  I especially love using in the Lavender Bath Soak in the tub before bed. 

Our Lavender Essential Oil can be found in these products:
(Valentine's Bundle on Special Sale extended thru 02/28/17)
💜 Lavender Essential Oil ~ Certified Organic (#49027)
💜 Tranquility Essential Oil Blend (Cedarwood, Lavender, Frankincense, Sweet Orange & Chamomile) ~ (#49032)
💜 Five Defense Essential Oil Blend (Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Rosemary, Lavender & Eucalyptus) ~ Certified Organic (#49028)
💜 Lavender Bar Soap (#16091)
💜 Lavender Bath Soak (#25020)
💜 Lavender Dream Cream (#16031)
💜 Baby Cream (#13010)
💜 Baby Massage & Body Lotion (#13020)
💜 Baby Wash & Shampoo (#13000)
💜 Boo Boo Stick (#43000)
💜 Eye Cream (#58020)
💜 Hands on the Go (#16081)
💜 Hair Spray (#37061)
💜 Monster Spray (#43030)
💜 Neem-O (#43001)
💜 Spray Deodorant (#16130)


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