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Love ❤️ Our USDA Certified Organic Peppermint essential oil 🌿  It offers so many amazing benefits, and is so refreshing! And what's better than getting it for #free ? I use it for headaches, focus, and w/ some Organic Orange 🍊  essential oil as my "perfume"  ✔️ Ready to start shopping? I can help give you ideas!

✔️ A portion of every sale in Nov will go towards providing Kids Care Kits that contain products they’ll find really useful – and safe – during their hospital stay. Learn more here

... here are some great articles for more benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil!

✔️ PUREhaven Essentials blog Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil   
✔️ Dr. Axe Peppermint Oil Uses & Benefits 



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