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Fragrance is everywhere and it's hiding toxic chemicals. Check your labels ~ even "green" 🌿 companies! 

@healthy_child says, "And it’s not only where you think it is, like perfume, body cream, and candles. It’s in diapers, toothpaste, even baby dolls and orange juice!" 

@womensvoices says, "The term “fragrance” can be a mixture of up to 100 different chemicals, out of more than 3,000 commonly-used fragrance chemicals! Chemicals of concern in fragrance are linked to allergies, cancer, birth defects, and infertility."   

Because it's classified as a "trade secret" companies DO NOT have to disclose what's included ~ even if your child goes into anaphylactic shock triggered by their product as seen in the move "Stink"!  I can help you choose fragrance-free non-toxic products. 

 Great articles: 
Healthy Child 
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Womens Voices 
 ✔  ‘Proprietary Ingredients’ Should Not Come Before Children’s Health. Ever.
 ✔  Avoid Toxic Chemicals - Fragrance  



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