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I'm beyond excited about this!! 
See it in action in this video 

TOP TEN USES ~ what will you use it for?
1. Eliminates stains (even red wine!)
2. Freshens sheets and linens.
3. Deodorizes dance bags, hockey bags, any bag.
4. Eliminates diaper pail and garbage can odors.
5. Bathroom air freshener, anyone?!
6. Freshens pet beds and blankets.
7. Effective pre-wash spray for laundry.
8. Removes odor from sneakers, shoes and boots.
9. Car freshener.
10. Removes stains from rugs, curtains, fabrics.


“I sprayed Master Blaster in a pile of dirty laundry and my daughter’s dance bag with success.”

“It worked great! I sprayed it on a sweatshirt stained with chocolate ice cream, let it sit for a few minutes and then dabbed it with a towel. The stain had been there overnight before I treated it and it all came out!”

“I sprayed it all over the couch and sheets and it smells wonderful!”

“I used it on a dark circle that’s been on a white section of my rug. I let it sit a few seconds, blotted with a rag, and the brown circle lightened considerably. After sitting a bit longer, the stain is just about gone. SMELLS HEAVENLY!”

Master Blaster (Item #: 40050)


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